Family Court Failures For Protective Parents
How-To Fight a Narcissist in Family Court and Win: Super-Smart Strategies for Success

Family Courts Fail Our Children


Did You Know? (Family Court Failures)

National Family Court Awareness month is in November, but we need this awareness all year long. Our family courts and judges have failed us, protective mothers, by giving our child to an abuser and disbelieving us victims of domestic violence. Judges need to know what has been happening in the community they serve, as they only get to see what the high-powered, savvy attorneys allow them to see as evidence in court trials and hearings. So much of the truth is being missed. In more cases than we want to note, there’s been a total failure of a system to protect children and victims of DV. (Read my story here.)


The Fact: Family Court Is Used as a Weapon Against Us

Abusers routinely use family court as a weapon to punish their exes. This secondary abuse campaign needs to be known, prevented, and screened out in probation/mediation—in multiple steps before trials and hearings. The family court system has become a sword and not a place for fairness, justice, or child safety. It’s appalling that courts are unable to detect who the high conflict party is, often lumping the victim into the mix. We need to raise awareness for all the mothers who have lost custody battles and for the children who get caught in the crossfire. (Read more about these common failures.)


What’s Worse? The Child Support Battle

Expensive attorneys have perpetuated this problem and need to be held accountable, too. Most of the time, these abusers just want to get off the hook of paying child support. Even worse is when they seek revenge by attempting to make the other parent pay them child support. Abusers do this by attempting to win full custody. Sadly, many times, this trick works! It’s happening every day across America. It’s a dirty tactic, and it needs to not only be stopped but prevented!


What’s Worse Than That? Child Safety Is Being Neglected!

Our national statistics show that over a hundred children per year are killed by the parent that the judge mistakenly placed them with following a trial. This is a complete and tragic failure of the family courts. It’s also the personal failure of the judges who are not able to detect immediate threats to children’s safety. While some courts tunnel vision on assigning parents’ rights to their children, the more important concern of a family court should be to protect the children. Child safety should come first! Money shouldn’t buy sole legal custody. Money-hungry, unethical lawyers shouldn’t help beat up an ex who is just trying to be a good, loving mother and get away from an abuser. Things need to change!


My Story as a Victim of Family Court Abuse

I am one of the victims of family court abuse by my child’s father. Each year, he continues to be litigious, filing motion after motion against me. This has resulted in financial abuse—being so broke from legal fees from defending myself. He has outright attempted using the family court to steal our child away from me to excuse himself from having to pay child support. After all his countless, senseless motions, it’s evident that he is just trying to punish me for leaving him. I have not neglected nor abused our child—like he falsely accuses me. What I see him doing is pointing the finger at me so that no one looks at him. It’s sad and disturbing that he showed no real interest in our child during the first eight years of her life, but he shows lots of interest in winning in family court. (More about my story.)

Let’s Raise Awareness and Change the System!

Let’s stop these abusers by making laws to prevent this horrible “hell on earth” of family court abuse. Let’s protect children from abusive parents. Let’s protect mothers and victims from being further victimized. Let’s push for family courts to establish screenings for this type of high-conflict scenario and put rules, laws, and protocols in place to stop this from happening. We need to be loud because these victims are silenced. It’s appalling that most mothers who report child sexual abuse end up losing their children—even while studies show that only the smallest 1-3% are actually false claims. This means the family courts are just another perpetrator of this horror. Educating judges is not enough due to court corruption and the danger of individual biases. We need a system of safety for mothers and children firmly in place. Let’s make our voices loud and heard! (Use #MeTooFamilyCourt where it’s safe for you to do so.)

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