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Sure, you love an alcoholic but is it time to love yourself more?

So, You Love an Alcoholic?

“Like she was speaking my story!

Grace’s book is beautifully written and brutally honest, exactly what I needed to hear as I was navigating my own escape from an alcoholic and broken relationship. I felt like she was speaking directly to me, as so much of her thoughts and emotions were what I was going through or had just gone through. I, too, felt fear to break away from my alcoholic partner, in denial and convinced I could fix him and our relationship. Truth is, after so many “second chances” and empty promises, you can’t fix someone who doesn’t want to be fixed. I found myself nodding my head and shouting “yes!” as she walked me through her lessons. Her lessons are beautifully laid out like a road map to realizing your truth and finding a new, independent life for yourself outside of a toxic relationship. I plan on sharing this book with a close friend going through a similar situation and still living in denial that he will change his habits and adhere to her unrealistic hopes. By writing down her truth, Grace is poised to help a plethora of other women who are still drudging in nightmare relationships with an alcoholic.”

I Loved an Alcoholic, But Hated the Drinking

“I love her self-love focus!

I found Grace’s book so helpful. I think she offered such wisdom and excellent survival strategies! I read this book and her first book, too. These really helped me see what I needed to do for myself! It was time for me to start to learn to love myself. Like she said, “You’ve survived. Now, you get to live!”

“I needed this self-love solution.

I didn’t realize that while loving the alcoholic, I wasn’t loving myself. I am so glad this book switched my focus to what I could change and got me unstuck from what I couldn’t. She really tells the truth in her book and I really needed to read it. “

Are you trying to co-parent with a toxic ex?

Co-Parenting with a Narcissist:
7 Self-Rules to Stay Sane (A Survivor’s Story)

” Loved this book!

I loved this book! I could relate to everything she has gone through. Very easy to read and hard to put down! She has other books as well and I suggest if you haven’t read her books that you do so!! Very well written and helpful! “

“Excellent guidance on co-parenting with a narcissist!!

The guidance and tips offered in this book resonated with me. As someone who has four children with a narcissist, it was helpful to remind myself of what is important, as well as how to keep stable by reading the Self-Rules. Each Self-Rule is significant. My anxiety was so high during the marriage that it took sometime after the divorce for it to lessen. These Self-Rules resonated with me for how I would stay sane during my divorce and through the co-parenting of my kids. I recommend! “

How-To Fight a Narcissist in Family Court and Win:
Super-Smart Strategies for Success

“Get. The. Book.

This book is the first time I realized this: I’m not alone. I’m not crazy. And I’m not the only one. I WISH I had known this at that time. But even so, I’d recommend this book to those in a narcissistic relationship. AND I’d recommend it to those of us who THINK we are past the pain and insecurities. This book gives you real-life action steps to take control of your life and realize your worth. No fluff. Real actionable steps you can take. And these steps come from the author, who has actually been through the chaotic, confusing, numbing experience of being in a relationship with a narcissist with whom you have a child.
Highly recommend. Stop thinking about it. If you find just ONE nugget (and you’ll find more) that you can hold onto, you will be on your way to creating your new reality, the life you’ve been dreaming of. Well worth the read. “

Are things getting VERY serious?

Are you forced to co-parent with a sociopath? Do you feel like your ex is dangerous to deal with? If you are in “survival mode” and need a survival guide on how-to-co-parent with a sociopath, this is a resource you don’t want to go without.

Co-Parenting with a Sociopath:
Survival and Sanity Guide

“So validating

This book was a life-saver! It helped me to relax into my innate survival skills and find ways to cope with a crazy-man while staying safe. It’s important for us mothers to keep our safety and our child’s safety in the front of our minds while going through high conflict divorces, break-ups or the inevitable co-parenting disasters. Grace’s guidance was so valuable to me and validated what I knew I had to do to navigate the dangerous waters of dealing with a sociopath. I now have a healthier focus and stronger boundaries with myself on what I will and won’t do. I can’t change my ex, but I realized that I can change how I approach this terrifying situation. I was encouraged to get the help and support I needed. This book is an added blessing!”


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