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Grace is the author of five self-help books available on Amazon, giving insight on how to cope with loving an alcoholic, as well as co-parenting with a narcissist in a high-conflict custody battle.

Loving an Alcoholic. . .

For years, Grace loved an alcoholic with no end in sight when it came to heartbreak. She loved him 100 ways that didn’t work. After enduring a fifteen-year relationship full of struggle and pain, she was able to grasp recovery for herself and break free of her toxic codependency. By sharing her strength and truth in her books, she has helped thousands of women shift, change, heal, grow, learn, and transform. Reminding readers that they have the power of choice, they are inspired to step into the “self-love solution” and love themselves in and/or out of this dilemma—towards health, wellness, sanity, and freedom. Her lessons have helped women break what she calls the “codependent spell.”

Grace Wroldson

Mother, Survivor, Thriver, Certified Life Coach, & Author of 5 self-help books on Amazon

Co-Parenting with a Narcissist. . .

As a loving mother and advocate for her child, she bravely fought on the “front lines” of family court for over ten years for custody and the safety of her child. Gradually, she came to realize that her ex was not just an alcoholic, but also a narcissist. Achieving various layers and levels of protection for her child, she has helped many other mothers by freely giving her tips, tools, and tricks for those who are forced to co-parent with a narcissist or sociopath. In her books, she shares how she recovered from losses and staged a comeback. By offering her knowledge base, she encourages desperate mothers to “hang in there,” revealing that almost all bad situations and court-rulings can be turned around (or navigated) by using skillful means and super-smart strategies.

Grace overcame every obstacle that her ex placed in her path to happiness. She has dedicated her life’s work to helping other women and mothers cope, win, face failures, and find peace. Ultimately, her mission is to spare children from an alcoholic home or save them from abusive, toxic parents by offering the secrets to her success and valuable survivor wisdom in her books. Knowledge is power and freedom is the gift we give ourselves. So, follow her and learn, heal, and grow with—Grace.

MORE ABOUT GRACE: Author Grace W. Wroldson fell in love with an alcoholic and spent years suffering (too). Desperate to save him, she entered the rooms of recovery in the Twelve-Step Family Groups of Al-Anon, trying to find a way to help him reach sobriety – or at least just give up drinking! She was under the influence of what she calls the “codependent spell.” In trying to find help for him, she failed to see how much help she needed for herself. Now, with over 20 years of personal experience in trying to help an active alcoholic and recover from her own codependency, she shares her valuable survivor wisdom in 5 of her award-winning books, available on Amazon. Initially, it was just his drinking that bothered her, so she stayed in the relationship – justifying everything. She proceeded to spend 15 years trying to love a man into wholeness and happiness – only to destroy herself by the effects of the disease. At her worst, she found herself pregnant with the alcoholic’s child, abandoned, living in poverty, and emotionally defeated.

With an epiphany, she broke free of her addiction – her addiction to loving him – and escaped the painful relationship. She suffered torturous heartbreak and withdrawal, but she pulled through and survived. The spell was broken. Courageously, she then was able to raise her child on her own. However, despite her attempts to keep her unstable ex away, the family courts forced her to share her baby with an alcoholic who refused to get better.

Determined to raise her child safely, with the disease close at her heels, she worked her own program of recovery even harder and raised her child in an alcohol-free home – keeping a safe distance from the drinker. Now, with 20 years of “program wisdom” and personal experience, she shares her secrets, strategies, and successes on how to navigate the storms of dealing with an alcoholic ex. With her solid foundation of a recovery program in Al-Anon, for friends and family of alcoholics, she was able to embrace a life of choices and turn her life around to create her own happy ending – of self-love.

Now, breaking her silence, she shares her message of hope, healing, and true transformation. If you resonate with her story, be sure to buy your copy to get all her 25+ life-saving lessons today!

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