What Women & Mothers Are Saying

“I had a Support Call with Grace Wroldson and it was so productive. I felt like she really listened to my issues and understood the situation I was dealing with. She helped me put a plan together that I could move forward with and this gives me a lot of hope. It feels good to have a real strategy now. She went way above and beyond my expectations of what a coach can do. Thank you so much, Grace!”
“I talked to Grace for just about an hour and got a clear strategy to win my case.  Grace gave me helpful support and I am already acting on it today to change the direction of my case. Please do yourself a favor and get help from her in any way possible to make sure you and your kids are safe!”
“My call with Grace was very productive! I feel like there is hope for me and my children. She is very professional and honest with her advice. I highly recommend taking the time to talk to her if you feel stuck. Her books are also helpful.”
“My session with Grace was truly amazing. As a survivor of family court abuse herself, it was comforting to talk to someone who gets it. But most importantly, she has so much wisdom and she offered me a number of extremely helpful action items. Her advice in our one session was more insightful than the sum of dozens of sessions I have had over the years both with my own therapist and with the family court lawyer who has represented me for years- and to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. She gave me ideas for an action plan TO WIN, not only for me, but for my kids.”
“Grace gave me hope. She brainstormed with me over the phone and gave me ideas that I never thought of. I made a “To-do list” with her and finally felt more organized in this mess. Her list-making suggestion is carrying me through. I plan to read all 3 of her books.”
“I like how Grace had me sit down and reflect on the  support call that we did and send her a recap/review 3 days after. I was able to glean more insight and ideas when I reflected on all we talked about. It calmed me down to have a plan. She couldn’t give me legal advice, but she helped point me in a better direction. I now have a support team that I never had before!”
“I use Grace for support calls whenever I am triggered and my custody case feels overwhelming. Knowing that she has survived this hell helps me hang on. Plus, she helps me establish the mindset that I need to survive this and overcome the obstacles and hardships. I recommend any mother who is struggling to get a support call.”
“I have read Grace’s first book, Co-Parenting with a Narcissist from Amazon. I felt connected to her story and found talking with her inspiring. She really does care about mothers and children. I don’t feel so alone in this fight.”
“I had the pleasure to speak with Grace over the phone. For the first time, I felt heard and understood with real empathy. She was able to guide me in seeking more information and helped open my eyes to the truth about what was happening in my life with the alcoholic that I loved.”
“Grace is a gifted guide and life coach who helped me transform my life! I moved from fear and victimization to empowerment and confidence. I was dependent on an abusive relationship with a narcissistic, controlling, sociopathic, alcoholic/addict. With her coaching and my hard work, I was able to communicate new, clear expectations, set solid boundaries, and represent myself in taking legal action against him. All areas of my life improved – personal, business, and social interactions. Now, I am confident and able to hold myself and others accountable. I have more self-respect than I ever did prior to working with Grace. I am now the kind of woman I always admired and never dreamed I would be.”

Grace was very knowledgeable about how the mind of a narcissist works, and had some great strategies that I could start using right away when it comes to my custody case. I am early in the custody process and was already overwhelmed, but it was helpful to be able to speak directly to someone who has already been through it. The initial consultation was really insightful!

Thanks again, Grace!

“This could be you! ”

GraceWroldson Author and Coach

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