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10 Benefits You Get From Life-Coaching


Why Get Life Coaching?

Let’s face it, you need help. Loving an alcoholic or co-parenting with a narcissist can be a heart-breaking nightmare. This is especially true if you are trying to be a good mom and loving parent while stuck in a high-conflict custody battle in family court. We all need emotional support to get through life. Sometimes we need to call in the experts and the survivors of these situations to get some hope that we can and will get through this.


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What Do I Do?

I help women place themselves courageously at the center of their own lives. I am a certified life coach with over a decade of experience, primarily helping both those in relationships with alcoholics and those co-parenting with narcissists. I teach valuable lessons for breaking free of codependency and creating peace in hostile co-parenting situations.


I learned early on that I possessed the natural gift of encouragement, always lending a supportive ear and beaming my heart out to struggling family and friends. Some of my courage came from connecting with others in similar situations, other times my courage came from coaching sessions with the experts in this particular field. I am here to testify to the benefits of life-coaching. I wouldn’t recommend getting a life coach if I didn’t believe in the benefits myself! 


Why Add Life-Coaching With Grace?

If you’re in therapy or already have a domestic violence counselor, a life coach can be a great addition to your support team. If you have a lawyer (or solicitor) already but need help dealing with the emotional aspects of a legal battle, a life coach can help you fill in the gaps. It also costs less to reason things out with a life coach than it does with a lawyer! Get life coaching to help you build to-do lists, strategize game plans, and establish visions and goals for yourself.


It might feel redundant to have both a therapist and a life coach. While a therapist is very helpful in that they focus on an analysis of deep emotional issues to get resolution, a life coach helps you plan your vision of a future and put action items into motion. A life coach will help you build an action plan and set goals to help you start working on yourself to get you to where you want to be. Therapy helps you accept your circumstances, while life coaching helps you take control of your energy and life.


Do You Love an Alcoholic?

For women who love alcoholics, I provide emotional support, valuable teachings, and important focus shifts. I share my survivor wisdom along with the hard-won lessons I’ve learned. Since life coaching is about making actionable changes, here is a list of some of the ways that I help you get in control of your life in our life coaching calls. 


  1. Hear your story! 
  2. Validate your suffering
  3. Acknowledge your concerns
  4. Help you get clear on the issues and priorities
  5. Identify what your obstacles are 
  6. Brainstorm ideas for safety and sanity
  7. Make to-do lists
  8. Create a healthy mind-set
  9. Shift the focus
  10. Teach you about important principles


Here is some bonus work we will do together:


  • Develop a working self-care plan
  • Ask you powerful questions
  • Generate a willingness to get better
  • Pinpoint any self-destructive patterns
  • Let you set your own goals
  • Be your accountability partner
  • Share with you resources that can help
  • Inform you of chapters in my books that will be beneficial in your specific situation
  • Identify a main goal to get you started on the right track immediately


Are You Co-Parenting with a Narcissist in a High-Conflict Custody Battle?


For mothers who are co-parenting with narcissists, I am your strategy-partner. I can help you reframe the problems caused by the other parent, as well as adopt the right mindset to be resilient and endure while creating peace for yourself and your child. If you find yourself stuck in fight, flight, fain, and/or freeze mode, life coaching can help get you out of the rut, whereas trauma therapy specific to Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome can help you heal. If you don’t have a plan, you may be inadvertently planning to fail. Here are some of the things I do in life coaching sessions. 


  1. Hear your story!
  2. Validate the hell you have experienced
  3. Help you get clear on the narcissistic tactics used and counter-strategies needed
  4. Have a healing plan in place
  5. Develop a survival and sanity strategy
  6. Create a much-needed self-care plan
  7. Brainstorm ideas to help your situation or child
  8. Assist in the development of a solid support structure
  9. Establish a winning mind-set
  10. Make motivating to-do lists


Here is some bonus work we will do together:


  • Outline tasks that need to be done and simplify
  • Encourage your focus to be on the happiness of you and your children
  • Pinpoint any self-destructive patterns
  • Let you set your own goals
  • Be your accountability partner
  • Share with you resources that can help
  • Inform you of chapters in my books that will be beneficial in your specific situation
  • Identify a main goal to get you started on the right track immediately


This is just a sample of what can be accomplished with our life coaching sessions. Taking this first step into self-accountability can be difficult, but taking control of your life is an important step towards success. I’ve done it, and I’ve changed my life from a “living hell” into a functional, manageable situation that I can work with and where I feel in control. If you would like this type of support, please schedule a FREE Discovery Call with me HERE.


*I am not a trained mental health professional. I cannot do crisis work. Please reach out to a local domestic violence agency for help developing a safe-plan or support for abusive situations. I cannot give legal advice since I am not trained as a lawyer or paralegal. Please get professional consultations with qualified professionals.

—Grace W. Wroldson, mother, author, survivor, and thriver of 5 self-help books available on Amazon


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