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I care about what you are struggling with so, I’d like to share my tips, tools, and tricks with you! – Grace W. Wroldson Author & Life Coach

Here’s one that’s very important, but also very easy to overlook when you are caught in the problem. If I could only share 1 secret with you, this would be it. . …. Are you ready?
My #1 free tip is …


#1. Bring your focus back to YOU!


Yes, that’s right. You. You need yourself and you need to do this!

Self-focus, self-partnering, and self-preservation are a must to learn, heal, and grow.
Do you have a hard time with this? Don’t know where to start? Start by being willing to focus on your own healing and find a healing path for yourself. Let me ask you. . . Are you willing?

Need some “starter suggestions?” Pick up one of my books on Amazon and start learning right away. It’s a quick way to bring you back to yourself with self-reflection. Confusion can be turned into clarity.

Other options to get started are to try attending our weekly FREE Zoom Support Groups, or the Twelve-Step Groups of Al-Anon, for friends and family of alcoholics, find a therapist or consult with a local domestic violence counselor. Maybe you need to talk to their free legal aide about your rights as a parent? Find the resources that will support you. It’s perfectly OK to need help with this.

Remember: you can start by reading my books!
Buy my books here on Amazon.

Before you go …

I have TWO MORE FREE tips I’d like to share with you as a bonus!

#2. Practice Self-Love

I have a few sayings:

“Yes, I know you love an alcoholic, but isn’t it time to love yourself MORE?”
“Yes, the narcissist is that awful, but we can’t let this toxic person take up that much space in your mind!”

The key: All the valuable lessons in my books come down to what I call the “self-love solution.” Or ways to stay sane and survive this dilemma.
If you need individual support, you can book a private coaching session with me. CLICK HERE!

#3. Learn all you can!

Survivor wisdom is incredibly valuable. Knowledge is power! Learning the lessons is where it is at! When you feel validated (and can relate), it’s like getting the much-needed approval for you to be your courageous self. It takes bravery to face what we are up against and to love ourselves and our children!

TIP: Educate yourself- it’s an esteemable act!


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