You love an alcoholic, but is it time to love yourself-more?

Step into “The Self-Love Solution” – with  Grace.

Grace says:

Have hope. I write for women so they don’t have to spend their entire lifetime suffering unloved and unfulfilled lives without self-love—trying to get healthy love from a sick-and-suffering alcoholic.

We can have shifts in our thinking, beliefs, and mindsets that contribute to making better choices or discovering our choices. Choice is our power. First, and most importantly, there can be important growth and lessons-learned.

Then, with a serious commitment to recovery, solid support, and understanding, healing can happen. We can get courage through connection, expand our knowledge of the alcoholic-codependent dilemma, and use wisdom. Our happiness is on the other side of our very important soul-work/self-work. Remember that “self-work” is some of the most important work that we will ever do.

We can bravely acknowledge our dysfunctional attachments, heal from chronic codependency, face our love-addiction, and break our trauma bonds that keep us stuck in cycles of pain, abuse, and disrespect—that chips away at our self-esteem. We can rebuild our self-esteem one esteemable, self-respecting, act at a time. Let me ask you: “Have you suffered enough?”

If you are ready to learn, I am ready to teach! Get started on a new path today towards health, healing, and wholeness! Read my 25 powerful insights and essential-lessons in my first book: So, You Love an Alcoholic?”

(Find my online courses: “The Self-Love Solution” and (COMING SOON) “Break-Free of Codependency Forever.”

xo – Grace W. – Author & Your Self-Love Coach

*Suggestion: Read my book series in the order written for full understanding:

Book 1: So, You Love an Alcoholic?: Lessons for a Codependent
Book 2: I Loved an Alcoholic, But Hated the Drinking: 11 Essential Strategies to Survive Codependency and Live in Recovery with Self-Love
Book 3 : Loving an Alcoholic Without Losing Yourself!: Using The Self-Love Solution to Break Free

So, You Love an Alcoholic?

“Like she was speaking my story!

Grace’s book is beautifully written and brutally honest, exactly what I needed to hear as I was navigating my own escape from an alcoholic and broken relationship. I felt like she was speaking directly to me, as so much of her thoughts and emotions were what I was going through or had just gone through. I, too, felt fear to break away from my alcoholic partner, in denial and convinced I could fix him and our relationship. Truth is, after so many “second chances” and empty promises, you can’t fix someone who doesn’t want to be fixed. I found myself nodding my head and shouting “yes!” as she walked me through her lessons. Her lessons are beautifully laid out like a road map to realizing your truth and finding a new, independent life for yourself outside of a toxic relationship. I plan on sharing this book with a close friend going through a similar situation and still living in denial that he will change his habits and adhere to her unrealistic hopes. By writing down her truth, Grace is poised to help a plethora of other women who are still drudging in nightmare relationships with an alcoholic.”

I Loved an Alcoholic, But Hated the Drinking

“I love her self-love focus!

I found Grace’s book so helpful. I think she offered such wisdom and excellent survival strategies! I read this book and her first book, too. These really helped me see what I needed to do for myself! It was time for me to start to learn to love myself. Like she said, “You’ve survived. Now, you get to live!”

“I needed this self-love solution.

I didn’t realize that while loving the alcoholic, I wasn’t loving myself. I am so glad this book switched my focus to what I could change and got me unstuck from what I couldn’t. She really tells the truth in her book and I really needed to read it. “

Loving an Alcoholic
Without Losing Yourself!

Do you love an alcoholic? Are you abandoning yourself to be able to love him?

Each day we have choices—even in love. But, as codependents, we often need daily reminders to make choices that prioritize ourselves. We come to realize it’s our responsibility to help ourselves heal from all we have suffered in an alcoholic-codependent relationship. Let this book be your guide back to healing and wholeness. See how self-knowledge is power, and freedom is the gift we give ourselves.

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